My Life’s Work & Manifesto

write on - graffiti words painted on stone wallThis blog post will be self-explanatory once I explain that it was prompted by my participation in a 7-day blogging challenge given by Jeff Goins. The challenge starts today and this is the first exercise:



“The work will teach you how to do it.”


In my work as a writer, calligrapher,

instructional designer, and poet,

I encountered thousands of meaningful

and wonderfully expressed quotations.


The one above—an Estonian proverb—

resonated above all the rest.

I’ve adopted it as my personal motto.


Its words also mean:

“Life will teach you how to live it.”


Applied to problems, solutions, and next steps,

they call for us to always prioritize and proceed

with confidence and trust.

They affirm that everything needed for a project

will make itself available and will unfold

through the doing itself.


As humans, so many of our problems

arise from miscommunication,

which logically calls for improved communication

as a key solution.


Some people communicate best through artwork,

speaking, listening, actions, and presence.

I applaud and embrace all of these,

but my strongest allegiance is to the written word.


My lifelong passion has been words

devoted to truth, helpfulness, learning, and fun.


I write about life—

is there any scope bigger than that

or more important, glorious, or engaging?


“The words will teach me how to write them.”

(That’s my latest version of the proverb.)


To live my life in appreciation of this,

I focus as a writer on everyday experiences:

I observe, ponder, appreciate, and play.

Usually, a prompt results—

then a letter,blog post, journal entry, poem,

or even an entire book.


For most of my life,

I explored and wrote in private.

Now life is nudging me to connect and expand—

to find kindred spirits,

share perspectives and skills,

let my words be of service,

and honor the source of whatever writing

expresses through me.


With that as my priority,

I proceed with confidence and trust

and ask you to do the same

in advancing your own life’s passion.


You will know by my words

if you are a kindred spirit.

If so, please stay in touch so we can

encourage, celebrate, and help each other.


I invite you to explore this website further

and to comment below about

your passions, priorities, and projects.


♥~ Jo Lightfoot


Photo Credit: Graffiti image by hotblack at morguefile

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