Forever Friends

Brightly dressed Cusco womanThe Best Vacation

The best vacation may well be the vacation from media, controversy, and polarization.

For me, that kind of vacation was the great gift of Peru and was shown in these kinds of ways: being embraced by just about everyone; mutual celebrations of varied backgrounds; and finding ways to make daily life work harmoniously.

* * *



Are you from Afghanistan?
Are you from Peru?
Do you wear your hair in braids?
Are you tattooed blue?

Are you a street vendor
or a head of state?
Do you get up early?
Do you stay up late?

If our paths have crossed in life
(nice if face to face),
we are kindred beings;
our spirits have embraced.

I have no time for judgment.
I have no time for hate.
And, as for love and friendship,
I have no time to wait.

[Note the baby goat cradled in her arm…]

This poem was written on my return from Peru and posted to Facebook. I am including it here in this blog so as to reach friends who would otherwise be missed.

“Bendiciones, Amigos!”  ~Jo

Photo Credit:
Cusco woman with goat, by Jo LIghtfoot

2 thoughts on “Forever Friends

  1. Madison Woods

    Saw your comment over on one of the Kindle discussions and followed you here. I loved this poem. When I travel it is one of my favorite things to talk to peoples of different cultures and try their foods and clothing, even customs.

    1. wayaclan Post author

      Then I presume you’re a writer kindred spirit as well as a traveler one. I’m glad you reached out to me just now. I’ve been so immersed in starting to self-publish and in family concerns that I let my blog lapse. I’ll consider you my prompt or muse to resume it. Thanks, Madison.


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