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Opportunity Overload and Outcome

Handwritten writing exercise-document detailThere were so many enticing word-related opportunities lately, I overloaded myself and had to pull back. Here is the result of one that I enjoyed through a local group called The Village Writers School. The writing exercise briefly pulled me out of poetry into short-story writing. It was a 15-minute challenge based on a choice of prompts. The prompt I chose was “First Impressions.” Here is how it went:

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Life: Sniffing it Out

Dog sniffing green grassSome blogging things I tried lately didn’t suit me or my current life, so I shifted them aside. Oh the other hand, I re-immersed in poetry writing and publishing. Today, taking National Puppy Day as my poem prompt, I created this to share:

PUPPY LOVE poem-Jo LightfootPuppy love applies outside the canine realm, so shift this poem message wherever it suits.

~ ♥ Jo

Photo Credits:
Dog by Alice10 at Morguefile
Puppy Poem by Jo Lightfoot


My Life’s Work & Manifesto

write on - graffiti words painted on stone wallThis blog post will be self-explanatory once I explain that it was prompted by my participation in a 7-day blogging challenge given by Jeff Goins. The challenge starts today and this is the first exercise:



“The work will teach you how to do it.”


In my work as a writer, calligrapher,

instructional designer, and poet,

I encountered thousands of meaningful

and wonderfully expressed quotations.


The one above—an Estonian proverb—

resonated above all the rest.

I’ve adopted it as my personal motto.


Its words also mean:

“Life will teach you how to live it.”


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