Treasure Hunt – Easter Poem

There are plenty of things to celebrate this time of year, and I hope this Easter poem helps you do that. Easter arrives early this year (in March), but that’s not often the case. This poem is part of a collection of springtime poems that appear in my latest book: Spring Splashes—April Poems.


Easter poem with illustrated border

Besides my April poems book, there’s also one for March. In fact, I’ve now completed collections for October, December, February, March, and April. The best way to find my books is to use the keywords “Jo Lightfoot Everyday Poet” on Amazon. Even if you just use Amazon’s “Peek Inside” feature every now and then to catch a few of my poems online, that would please me very much.

My intent with these monthly collections is to offer gift possibilities for people having special occasions in various months: birthdays, weddings, births and birthdays, and holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. I’ve always liked holidays, special days, and gifts. I imagine you do, too.  ~ ♥Jo


February poems book by Jo Lightfoot  April poems book by Jo Lightfoot





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All by Jo Lightfoot

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