I began writing daily poems in March, 2002. Through the years, I explored ways to share the most shareable ones, but only recently have I managed to do that.

Now, through Amazon, you can access these books (and more are on their way). To find them, go to and enter the keywords “Jo Lightfoot Everyday Poet.”

MUSE P 151208 Cover Front Sm   W4HT P 151111 Cover Front Sm







Halloween poems book cover   December poems book by Jo Lightfoot   February poems book by Jo Lightfoot  

MAR X 160306 Front Cover Sm   April poems book by Jo Lightfoot   May poems book by Jo Lightfoot



“POMES” – Volumes 1-10

This is planned to be a 10-book series of annual, rather than monthly, poems. 


The “Artist and Muse” book will have companion volumes on topics such as writing, journaling, and poetry. Other envisioned books will be devoted to “everyday” topics like life, love, humor, spirituality, animals, cats, . . . well, who knows?


As a freelance writer and editor, I enjoy helping people make their messages clear, concise, and effective. Over the years, my personal and professional writing projects have included:

  • Calligraphy  (see this website’s “Arts/Crafts” tab)
  • Copy writing  (ads, resumes, newsletters, brochures, press releases…)
  • Instructional design and training materials  (manuals, PowerPoint presentations, certificates…)
  • Graphic design  (layout, logos, etc.)
  • Poetry 

I write poems almost daily … they serve as writing exercises, journal, therapy, and spiritual practice. Here are some samples:

Each person has a publishable book inside (including you). Perhaps you have published or are considering it. I encourage you to advance further into the adventure. Please accept my encouragement of both your writing and reading as it contributes to your life and career. I believe explorations in these areas make us smarter, wiser, and better people. Plus, it can be great fun!

2 thoughts on “BOOKS & WRITING

  1. Bill Oldham

    Love your work Jo. You are much more talented than your work is recognized. Thank you for sharing so freely.

    Your words spy bounty for starving hearts.

    Bill Oldham


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