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Favorable Weather for Lettering

The Poet Writes Large

For over a week, the weather here has been extra cool and wet. Today started off rainy and the high was in the mid-90’s. That worked in my favor as I labored outdoors applying vinyl letters and graphics to a storefront. I don’t have photos of the process but can share the proposed design I gave to the owner:

Motorplex signage design

My husband’s mechanic friend is starting a shop of his own. When I first visited, the only signage was a small banner, barely visible from the highway. I expressed concern about James’s business being overlooked for that reason, and Ethan said, “If you can come up with something better, why don’t you make a proposal.” Long story short, James agreed to my design suggestion and even invited me to do the work.

I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity like that, even though I’m not a professional signmaker. I bought the vinyl, made the patterns, cut the letters, and planned the installation. Today the installation took almost six hours. I was learning on the job … and I loved every minute.

Solving craftsmanship issues was the most satisfying … how best to clean glass, make measurements, position graphics, use tools, etc. After a few ruined letters, I learned to wet the surfaces and properly use a squeegee. Another important lesson was that the orange vinyl, being translucent, lost brightness when removed from its white backing and placed on a dark window. Also, letters that looked enormous at close range seemed smaller than expected at a distance.

How appreciative I am to James for entrusting me with the work and for showing his delight when it was done. I got a big thumbs up … and a big hug too.


If I had my druthers,
I’d play at work all day,
designing entertaining things,
for those who’d want to pay.

And, to find these others,
I wouldn’t have to shout,
or pay for ads, or dance and sing,
for they would seek me out.

I had a red-letter day awhile back when I started this blog. Today was an orange-letter day. I took advantage of fun opportunities to write both large (the signage) and small (this blog). Very satisfying. ♥~Jo

* * *


It’s More   (?)   , Y’All!

Newspapers as mulch . . . that was the edging treatment I had just put down beside our front deck. When I watered it with a hose to keep it in place, this little fellow hopped out. He courteously stayed put while I went inside, located my camera, installed its memory card, and returned.


Froggie may have been captivated by the honky-tonk ad on which he’s sitting, wondering if bull-riding has anything to do with bullfrogs. (I was certainly captivated by him.)

Actually, the local watering hole is on the other side of the house …  a set of fountains where local toads gather for croaking duels each night. This guy looks like a city slicker in comparison, but I hope he sticks around and can fit in. Then we can find out WHAT it’s more of, Y’all!  ♥ ~Jo

* * *