Seasons and Blessings

No Shooting sign

Too late! I already took my photo.

This sign exemplifies the many “Don’t Do” warnings I encounter on my daily walks. Together, they signify that this residential area contains many undeveloped, languishing, or otherwise private properties. By “private” I mean they support a person’s being comfortably alone. Even the locale’s public areas—such as the nearby boat ramp and state park—are often unoccupied or almost so… especially in winter.

Roofline silhouetteJust as there are seasons of the year, there are fluctuating progressions in our lives and surroundings. Many of these changes occur simultaneously; others interweave like bright and dark tapestry threads. Here at Hickory Creek where I live, this is true of of our roads, landscapes, and inhabitants. I consider all the area’s nuances and evolutions to be unfolding as they should… exactly as the Desiderata claims.

* * *

Restrictive signageJUXTAPOSED

My neighborhood
is filled with friendly people—
      Hi, how ya doin’?
      Want some salad greens?
      I got plenty.
and friendly pets—
      Glad to see ya.
      Well, gotta run.

My strangerhood
is not filled at all; owners are absent
and property is  vacant or undeveloped—
      No trespassing. No hunting.
      Keep out. For sale.

My home turf
is like a patchwork of
residential fields—
some being cropped and harvested,
some lying fallow in rotation.

* * *

Thanksgiving Day comes to mind when fields and crops are mentioned. On this day, so imminent now, we give communal attention to gratitude. Family and friends always seem to top the list of reasons we are thankful. I hope you are as blessed in this regard as I am.

May all your holidays, seasons, and blessings be magnificent!  ♥ ~Jo

* * *Photo Credits: All by Jo Lightfoot

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