A Poem, A Day

A Day…Assorted mardi gras masks

Dawn to dusk, it was a mix—encouraging, discouraging, the gamut. At certain times today, I questioned my learning abilities, my abilities in general, and even my self-worth.

After an early and productive networking meeting, I went to the local community college for computer training. The online course was extremely frustrating and difficult till I got the hang of it. At noon I bought some groceries and ate lunch in a library parking lot. I discovered on leaving that the lot bordered a very nice park—good to know for future reference (library pun intended).

I scratched out a poem in spare moments. Later in the afternoon, I ran errands and did several more hours of computer training. Ooh, that was a lot of eye and brain strain. Next I dropped by to visit a client and picked up more more work there.

Mug of teaI came home to a hug and hot cup of tea from Ethan, and we talked over our opportunities and challenges—mostly career and financial. Now I’m about to relax with a YouTube video on spirituality and healing. I may listen with my eyes closed, to give them a rest.

Along with today’s high points, there were low ones, but my poem reoriented me each time I recalled it.

A Poem…


The raided nest; the twice-failed test;
the tears, the sobs, the heaving chest—
all for the best.

Loss of mind, loss of skill,
loss of hope, loss of will—
all for the best.

Loved-one’s death, new-made friend;
joys and sorrows without end—
all for the best.

Every triumph, every thrill,
every paid or unpaid bill;
the jibe, the jest, the dance, the fest;
the endless quest and all the rest—
all for the best.  …For all’s the best.

Today is perfect example of the value of poetry as my journal, my therapy, and my creative outlet. I could hardly ask for a better resource. Well, friends are good! ♥ ~Jo

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Photo Credits:
– Masks by Alvimann at morguefile.com (modified detail)
Tea mug by Jo Lightfoot


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