A Wonderful Life

During the Christmas trivia program at last week’s Lions Club meeting, I kept missing questions because I knew so little about the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” However, I certainly relate to the title and theme.

Today is my birthday. As I reflect on my wonderful sixty-five years of life so far, I feel well satisfied.

Birthday cake candles

* * *


I remember ten,
because my mother designed
a party that included donkey tails
and dropping clothespins into a jar.

I remember twelve,
because I realized someday
my birthday would fall on

I remember twenty-one,
because I was old enough to drink,
but for some contrary reason

I remember forty,
because life was reputed
to start then and I wondered
what that would mean.

I remember fifty,
because my younger sisters teased
about my upcoming menopause
and gave empathetic gifts.

I’ll remember sixty-five,Birthday cake
out of pure shock for making it
this far with such good health
and other blessings.

My main wish, lifelong,
has been for a simple life
with plenty of time
to think my own thoughts.
I chose this over many luxuries,
frills, and attractive alternates.

It was a choice for freedom—
to follow creative bents
and to look as deeply as possible
into the nature of things.
What better gift to have,
any year, than this opportunity?

* * *

I’m grateful for this wonderful life and all who share it.

Especially, I thank my parents, Clyde and Mary, for raising six children with such love and care.  ♥ ~Jo

* * *
Photo Credits: All by artists at morguefiles.com
–  Donkey Tails by cheriedurham
–  Cake by Gracey
–  Candles by o0o0xmods0o0o

Donkey Tails 02


One thought on “A Wonderful Life

  1. Linda Moea'i

    I love your wording and thoughts Jo. I love your lightheartedness. Thank you for being you, and sharing part of you in your writings and poems. Happy Belated Birthday!


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