Art—Mystery and Mastery

Monochromatic art bannerWhat does the graphic design above depict?  Snow-capped peaks, incoming waves, seeping concrete, ghostly apparitions, or my latest art venture?

Art resembling treeArboreal

 It’s art, but not by me. I happened to have a camera with me when I entered this gallery, which is fortunate or unfortunate depending on your tastes. Here’s a rendering of a tree in fog—at least that’s what I make of it. And below is a gallery of work done by the same artist. I’ve taken the liberty of applying titles, since I didn’t record any at the time of my visit.

 Abstract art in shades of grayGravity and Ascent


Abstract art in shades of gray   The Wounded Mother


Abstract art in shades of grayMilkweed Mirage


Abstract art in shades of grayCoffin Cloth


Abstract art in shades of grayAurora Veiled


* * *

Yes, this is a gallery showing by the grande dame artiste, Mère Nature using concrete as her canvas. She’s very prolific and well regarded. Here are a few landscapes and vignettes from her spring collection.

Retaining wall with greenery

Three-tiered Retaining Wall









Garland on retaining wall

Vine Garland

Graffiti on retaining wall All great art is subject to criticism, ridicule, and even defacement. However, I believe this graffiti signature is actually an accolade. As a calligrapher, I was delighted with its fluid artistry and consider it a great “art find” to share with my brother… I’m sure you can guess why.

How graced am I to reside in Mere Nature’s mansion, to share her studio, and to wander through her beautiful, enchanting gardens and galleries. I hope you enjoyed wandering with me today.   ~Jo

* * *

Photo Credits: All by Jo Lightfoot

Vine against retaining wall

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