Lost in Love

Love, Writing and Love of Writing

Foxglove flower detail

Some poems come instantly.

Others come as a spark that has to be instantly kindled. Still others are like sand-castles-in-the-making on a shore; the vision must be held and refined intensely all the while the tide recedes.

Artists (and others) who love their work understand the meditative suspension of time and distraction that occurs in “the zone.” Whole days can be absorbed in that state. Of the two poems that follow, the first came quickly (though not instantly) and the second took a good bit of post-construction.



Day is done,
including my part.

(I suppose I had
something to do with it—
though, in retrospect,
it felt like a
self-fulfilling tapestry.)

 Tapestry of a Village Wedding



Heart shaped honeysuckle design



Heart love, hug love
love that holds a hand,
God love, soul love,
love without demand—
all love, all love,
all love blesses the world.

Heart shaped morning glory design

Love that’s slow, love in haste,
love of every kind and taste,
every way, every day,
each love leap-of-faith—
all love, all love, all love blesses the world.

Heart shaped marigold design

Your love, my love,
our love, and theirs;
his love, her love—
every love’s embrace.

Heart Dandelion

Love that’s shy, love that’s cold,
love that’s spicy-hot and bold,
day by day, night by night,
love both young and old—
all love, all love, all love blesses the world.

Heart shaped hydrangea design

Bright love, dark love,
love unawares,
smart love, fool’s love—
each love that unfolds.

Heart shaped poppy design

Love that’s loud, love that’s still,
love that empties out or fills,
here and there, now and then,
love forever or until—
all love, all love, all love blesses the world.

Heart shaped magnolia design

Good love, bad love,
common love or rare,
sad love, wild love,
every love that thrills—
all love, all love,
all love blesses the world.

Heart shaped tulp design


Maybe I’ll give this up, but I’m trying to use only my own or copyright-free images in this blog. The floral hearts were made (in MS PowerPoint) using freely shared flower images. The tapestry photo is liberally licensed under Creative Commons. Later on, I’ll research the legalities of inserting other kinds of images via URL links. Those of you who are long familiar with blog writing may well be amused at my learning process … and other readers may be bored. Still, recording these learning steps may be useful for beginning bloggers, as well as a trip down memory lane for advanced ones. This may include my future self if I ever gain expertise and return to read this.

The key thing is that today’s post was a labor of love, with emphasis on the love part.

♥ ~Jo

Heart shaped rose design


P. S.  MUCH GRATITUDE to my partner Ethan for not only tolerating these time warps but encouraging them.

Photo Credits: 

  • Wedding in the Village by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (per Creative Commons license)
  • Weaving with Shuttles by Tim Regan (per Creative Commons license)
  • Flower Details from various photographers at morguefile.com

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