Observing and Musing

My Daily Walk

I live uphill from a lake and my daily walk usually takes me to it or near it. One route takes me down a hill, alongside the water, and eventually to a boat ramp. The other begins on gravel then shifts to pavement, winding fairly level till the end when it takes a downward incline to a hideaway vacation compound. From its entryway surveillance sign, I can see lake water ahead.

Daily Walk Route

Both routes are scenic, but the second tends to be more private and shaded. I often encounter hawks, deer, squirrels, turtles, and other creatures on that road or in the woods alongside it. And I have plenty of time to observe and muse.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
– John Muir

Yesterday I had my camera with me and photographed a word that had been spray-painted word on the pavement by a utility worker. That word figured in one of last week’s walks and poems:


Most people I know
are Superglued to their beliefs.
I’d rather set mine free
to drift downstream, paper boats.

“Where are the others like me?
I wondered aloud yesterday
to no entity in particular …
“Where is my family?”

I happened to be walking “alone”
on a paved country road.
Some utility company, I noticed,
had spray-painted cryptic guidelines
at its edge—along with the
single word “LOCATE.”

My answer came, as a knowing,
in that one moment.

 Locate Sign


In other words, Kindred Spirit, I now have my radar out for you.  ♥ ~Jo


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