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Compelled by blue skies and still-green foliage, I took my own advice yesterday and went walking. 

While still in my driveway, I noticed several dark red berries or small fruits beneath a hickory tree. Scouting for more, I realized they had probably rolled down the hill from the woods, but I couldn’t locate the source. So I tucked them in my pocket and decided to look for similar fruit along my route.

Mystery fruit

One neighbor had a plum tree, or so thought. A close look at its remaining fruit showed them to be more like cherries.

Across the way and further along the road, other fruits had matured to reds and oranges. In addition, some yellow fruits lay on the road banks near where, earlier this season, passion flower plants had grown. I don’t think these fruits come from that vine, though, but from a small plant with tiny spikes on its leaf stems.

Mystery fruit   Yellow mystery berries

Red mystery berries   Red mystery fruit

Cedar trees displayed profusions of blue berries but, of course, these were no help in sourcing my original mystery fruits. Although my cedar berry photo did not turn out, it was easy on such a beautiful day to find other subjects for my camera and attention.

Seated scarecrow   Scarecrow woman

Scarecrows and other seasonal decorations greeted me at the vacation compound at the end of my route. Scarecrow Man smiled at me from his seat on a large tree stump. Scarecrow Woman had been sitting on her straw bale for so long that fresh grass was growing up through her skirt.* Through these photos, the scarecrow couple are greeting you, too. We all wish you some fine fall weather and a Happy Halloween. ♥ ~Jo


*Apparently, Scarecrow Woman needs to get up and go walking…

Grass growing through seated scarecrow clothing

Scarecrow Woman skirt detail

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Photo Credits:
Cedar Berries (below) by mrmac04 of morguefile.com (modified detail)
Remaining photos by Jo Lightfoot

Cedar berries






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