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Persian fabric designAPRIL IS NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. In celebration, this little hidden-away blog of mine is opening its doors to friends old and new via a Poetry Book Giveaway. Missy Frye, a fellow member of Poets Northwest, alerted me to this annual event hosted by Kelli Agodon, a west coast poet, writer, and editor. Enter to win!

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BULLETIN [5/1/15]  –  And the winners are…

*  The Essential RUMI:  Ann Hart
*  WORDS for Hard Times:   Dhyan

Thanks for participating and congratulations on your wins!

This is a chance for you to snag free books of poetry from participating bloggers. The goal of the giveaway,” Kelli says, “is to share our favorite poets with others as well as to visit different blogs and see who others are reading.” As enticements, poetry lovers will be giving away free books by their favorite poets and/or themselves. Even the postage is free… to anywhere in the world.

Books by Rumi & Jo LightfootI’m offering two books myself. Most of my poetry books have just gone to a library book sale fundraiser, but I did keep favorite ones—those by authors I know personally and those I especially admire for their artistry or inspiration.

Book Cover: The Essential RumiRumi is my first giveaway. I’ll miss this book very much (at least till I replace it). This is The Essential Rumi, translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne. Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic. Reputedly, he is the most popular and best-selling poet in the United States, among other countries. I love his poetry for its lyricism, imagery, spiritual depth, range (from sacred to profane), and story-telling.

* * *Book Cover: WORDS for Hard Times

My second giveaway is WORDS for Hard Times, a limited-edition volume of my own poetry, prose, and artwork. It explores the challenges and blessings of being human, as well as relationships between people and the natural world. I’m excited in advance for this book to act as a connection to another appreciator of poetry through this giveaway event.

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IF YOU WANT TO WIN one of these books, just comment below about the giveaway, the books I’ve chosen, poetry in general, or how much you enjoy winning things… whatever moves you. Include your email address or other way to reach you if you win. At the beginning of May, I’ll pick two winners through a random drawing. [Note: your comment will not appear right away… I always check for spam before releasing comments to my blog.]

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE in giving away books or if you have questions about the event, guidelines are posted here.

WORDS for Hard Times, sample pages

Some thanks are in order…
Thanks, Kelli, for the giveaway event. Thanks, Missy, for telling me about it. And thanks to poetic souls everywhere and everywhen—including Rumi—for caring about the creative and connective power of words. ♥ ~Jo

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Photo Credits: All by Jo Lightfoot
[Persian banner design was enlarged from a photo of the Rumi book cover]

Persian fabric design

22 thoughts on “Poetry Open House

  1. Bet

    Beileive it or not, I don’t have a copy of Rumi. And the peek into your book is intriguing. LuvBritLit at G Mail.

  2. Rodney Wilder

    Yay, someone else writing poetry from the Pacific Northwest (unless I’m wrong in guessing that, haha). Glad to see you participating in NaPo and the giveaway! Please add me to the drawing.

    Rodney Wilder

    1. wayaclan Post author

      My Arkansas poetry group is called Poets Northwest… but I have had the good fortune to visit the Seattle area for a week and stay overnight at Lake Quinalt. I loved walking in the forests and on the ocean shore. Surprisingly (to me at least), it didn’t rain the whole time I was there.

  3. Annie Peters

    Thank you for participating in this giveaway! I just love the idea behind it. And it’s such a great way to discover new poets.

  4. Dhyan

    Rumi is so great that by your words of it I am sure your poetry must be so great too.
    And I would love the opportunity to read it.

    Happy that you chose to participate.

  5. Patricia Dowell

    I always need words for hard times and rumi…..well no need to comment on that book! YES, please enter my name in the giveaway and thank you!


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