Post-Halloween Post

Scarecrow LadyHalloween gets quite a build-up these days. But afterwards, many of the skeletons, ghosts, and witches vanish. Even the scarecrows fade and slump.

My neighbor’s lady scarecrow has actually been crying, judging by appearances today.

Her mascara had run. Was it because grass continued to grow through her skirt? Or because some nearby scarecrows had disappeared? I drew close so I could ask her… but the question answered itself. That mascara run was actually a daddy longlegs, hiding in plain sight.

* * *

Spider on scarecrow          Spider on scarecrow


Daddy Longlegs,
gentleman caller;
he’s one obligin’ fella.

Snatch one leg
an’ they all go stiff
like spokes
of a um-ber-ella.

Toss him out;
no, he won’t pout—
that’s one obligin’ fella!

* * *

Soon the switch to Christmas decorations will be made. On my route to town, there are two light-shows that always give me a thrill:

One is a severely pruned tree that looks ugly most of the year. But at Christmas, the owners fling on an excessive number of gaudy light-strands and magic happens. Suddenly that poor tree is flaunting herself like a dazzling hoochie-coochie dancer.

The other is simply a strand of lights draped on a porch railing. None of the lights are purple or turquoise but their juxtaposition creates that effect somehow, and there are some orange lights on the strand that contribute to a stunning color combination. This visual effect would probably be lost in a photograph and I really don’t want to try to capture it. I prefer to have this visual treasure unavailable most of the year so it can be fully savored in season… just as the holidays themselves are.

The days grow shorter, the temperatures colder… but winter boasts some of the warmest and brightest holidays of the year. May yours be extra wonderful and memorable this year.  ♥ ~Jo

* * *
Photo Credits: All by Jo Lightfoot


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