Simplicity and Satisfaction

ABC doodle designs

What are the ABC’s, the rudiments, of your life? I reviewed my own when one of our basic bill’s came in much higher than last month, with no  explanation or prior announcement of the increase. Unexpected price jumps like this come as a jolt.

So I asked myself: “Can I continue to maintain a simple, satisfying lifestyle on a tight budget?” Must I now make forays into complexities of e-everything (e-commerce, e-freelancing, e-expenses, e-etc.)?  E-eeek!  To what extent can I “Just Say No!”?

What appeals to me is to keep simplicity and satisfaction fundamental . . . then allow complications only when, on balance, they contribute rather than conflict. For example, I might accept web page ads, at least as a trial. Also, I can better use tools I already have and enjoy, like email and Facebook.

Pens, pencils and notebookHow might I retain a life of quiet joy through minimal expansion of technology use?   My first endeavor would be writing: sharing my poetry and creating short e-books on topics  that appeal to me—ones I’d like to research and learn more about. Who says I have to scramble for readers, social-media up a storm, create a publicity and speaking platform, or manipulate systems to garner best-seller status and 5-star reviews?

I’m older now than Harlan Sanders (that late-life success) was when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken. After his launch, others came in and eventually took over the ship. Am I aiming for fame or trying to establish a business dynasty? No. Besides, doesn’t the Creator hold ultimate copyrights to everything—while having no need for them whatsoever?

My simple and satisfying aim is to express the creativity that plays through me, letting the chips fall where they may—but hoping I’ll garner at least a few to cash in.

♥ ~Jo

Photo Credits: All by Jo Lightfoot

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