Art from the Heart

Love motif art doodlesFollow your heart by following your inspiration…

This mode continues for me as I create designs according to inner guidance. Actually, inspiration can come from anywhere, but  promptings to act must be validated by intuition or strong resonance. Literal affirmations are leading contenders for fulfillment, but anything inspiring, beautiful, fun, or whimsical can be considered.

LOVING art doodle affirmation

Meanwhile, circumstances change. Alternique, the local arts and crafts shop, provided a wonderful, but brief, flash of sales. The bad news is that the shop has closed its doors. The good news is that it will reopen this spring in a better, larger location that the proprietor will own instead of rent. When that happens, my  designs will be welcome in even greater quantity but, in the meantime, larger investments of time and materials must be made.

Possible responses to this situation are finding more outlets, selling online, or working at something else altogether. So far, my intuition continues to say, “Do what you love. Create in the present.”

Art doodle word affirmationsOne day at a time, eh? Well, in the present I feel like creating more affirmations, greeting cards, and seasonal designs… also some personal gifts, some commissions (I have two requests at the moment), and something related to Arkansas.

Halloween motif eggsIt’s the designing I like. Maybe—hopefully—later I will tend to the productivity and prosperity aspects. As things progress, I’ll keep you informed, my audience of about, what, five?

* * *

You’re all the more special for that reason! ♥ ~Jo

Photo Credits: All by Jo Lightfoot
Note: My art doodling is inspired by a method call Zentangle®.

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