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My life is shifting. Early this summer I decided to resume doing artwork and calligraphy. Since then, ideas have flowed faster than my ability to keep up. That’s exciting and a lot of fun. My intent is to combine words and graphics into affirmations as often as possible. I have an affinity for artistic doodling, as featured in the gold-and-silver greeting cards pictured below:

Craftwork in progressThose eggs are actually orange, not red, and I’ll decorate them with gold and silver designs. For the greeting cards, I made metallic-paper linings as a further touch of elegance. “Never forget… that you are an ORIGINAL.” That’s the quote I created for the black-white-magenta flower frame. That frame was just begging to be used for something unique.

Alternique CardMy designs are available at Alternique, a craft and gift shop in downtown Rogers. Debra, the owner, is a kindred spirit. She likes to make new things from old—to repurpose, in other words. Her shop is filled with amazing finds and she frequently holds art classes there. She is very customer- and consignor-oriented and has already sold some of my things. Music to my ears, she wants plenty more. The “Artist of Life” and “Phoenix” eggs are at the shop now, along with the moonflower egg shown below. This egg is pearlized and the back side has a luna moth motif, plus the affirmation, “Serenity is my gift.”

Pearlized Moon EggFinding that blue vase was serendipity and it works with either end up. I guess connecting with Debra was serendipity too. I’m eager to make more greeting cards for her shop because she gets requests for them and I love designing them.

My mother enjoyed stationery and pretty papers. She hated to discard out-of-date calendars, so she passed them along to me. Now they’ll be repurposed as greeting cards. Thanks, Mom.

* * *

It just hit me!  Through this art orientation, I’m actually repurposing myself… reinventing myself. Many other people are doing the same thing. I wish us all luck, including in what our next shift will be.

♥ ~Jo

Photo Credits: all by Jo Lightfoot

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