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Doodle-art designs on eggsSaturday’s art exhibition was held in a lovely setting at Promenade Mall. The food court pavilion had a large alcove with tall windoDecorated emu eggws and a central stone fireplace. The artwork set up there was beautiful—and beautifully arranged. Easy chairs and small tables were positioned nearby, which allowed me to continue creating designs all day. In fact, a newspaper reporter photographed me doing just that. During the afternoon, I almost completed the first stage of art-doodling an emu egg:

Only one thing was lacking at the event, and that was attendees. Very few people made their way to the pavilion during the day. Of course, even fewer were buyers. Since this was a fundraiser for a nonprofit, that was regrettable.

All the participants and hosts of the event enjoyed the day, however, getting acquainted, trading information, and brainstorming about future events. I was told afterwards that my sales (which included my goose and hen eggs) were the highest at the event, but I’m sure that figure wasn’t computed against larger donations. For example, Susan Morrison donated a print that was sold at silent auction.

Today I enhanced the emu egg with a coat of deep emerald-green metallic paint. It may not photograph as well as the plain version above, but is much improved and has a malachite look:Emu egg decorated in greenOne of my favorite designs by other artists at Saturday’s art event was a small watercolor of three pears. It inspired me to write this poem, which I will probably use in a future art design:


Following bliss and intuition,
I open (like a frond uncurled)
and dream my way into fruition;
all is ripe with the world.

I can hardly sleep at night for dreaming up designs… there are so many beautiful things I want to create and share. But plenty of practical things must be accomplished in tandem, such as creating work and storage space. A gift came to me like a godsend at the fundraiser: an offer of frames from a photographer who is transitioning to another endeavor. Where oh where will I store them, though?

The next adventure on the horizon—over it, actually—is a trip to Michigan next week to be with close friends. Together with family reunions and my artwork, this will make for a magnificent summer.

♥ ~Jo

Photo Credits: All by Jo

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