Summer Soul-stice

Black bear against gray background

What bear hibernates till mid-July?!  This one. ( …meaning me.) That long winter withdrawal of mine was actually a time of gaining spiritual “bear-ings” and incubating new dreams. It was a time of reviving and revising old dreams. A core one is to again have a formal studio, a creation place,

No sooner did I align with this dream than ideas and opportunities cued outside my open door. The essential nucleus was to let affirmations be my purpose, process, and products. Well, how easy is that? All of life (and every facet of it) is an affirmation. And the whole studio endeavor combines my talents and interests into one, incorporating people, design, words, emotions, and creativity. All these have amplified in the last month or so. I’ve become a very busy bear indeed.

Establishing external prods is helpful. Thats’ why I contracted for some flea market spaces (to clear clutter out of my home workspace) and committed to creating some artwork for an upcoming art-exhibit fundraiser for Meals on Wheels. Without that commitment, a series of pen-and-ink zentangle inspired designs would not have come into being.

Freedom design detailThe affirmations include Creativity, Discipline, Freedom, Inspiration, and Prosperity. And I’ve already received requests from a copy shop staffer for Patience and Serenity.

Only one full working day remains before the art exhibit. By then, I intend to have created my first affirmation-related acrylic painting. And there are still several pen-and-inks to go.

Ethan is a great supporter of dreams and of my artwork. His contributions to all of this are prodigious and invaluable. My gratitude extends to other supporters as well. I hope you are having as much fun with your dreams as I am having now.


Photo Credits:
– Bear by sgarton of morguefile, modified
– Affirmation art detail by Jo


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