Winter Withdrawal

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What to say?
I used to think my writing would foster and help preserve meaningful life events. I further expected that these recorded experiences and discoveries would later prove helpful to people in some way. But what generally happens is this:  During key times of intense exploration and insight, the writing evaporates almost entirely.

Window in winter snow* * *

Winter fosters hibernation.
Recently my writing activities nearly froze in place while I entertained two obsessions. I’ll call them Sleuth and Truth.

Sleuth. On winter evenings, Ethan and I enjoy reading aloud to each other in our warm upstairs bedroom. After exhausting our home bookshelves of Richard Bach stories, we followed with stories of Sherlock Holmes. I also watched every available online Sherlock episode that starred Jeremy Brett.

Truth. Advaita explorations, meanwhile, guided me along other trails—those blazed by spiritual sages like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, and Papaji.  Just like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock, these pioneers of focused inquiry elucidated methods for  realizing truth. Explored in these ways, truth brings unifying insights to scientific and spiritual traditions.

Misty rural path Freedom. Except for acknowledging Mooji as the person who most intensified my recent explorations, I feel no impulse to detail them. How my writing will proceed after this, I have no idea.  Since Freedom is a correlate—if not a synonym—of Truth, I expect to freely follow my unfolding path. Namaste to you as you follow your own.  ♥~Jo

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3 thoughts on “Winter Withdrawal

  1. Evelyn Fielding

    Lovely words, Jo. The writing may have paused for a few moments, but your explorations will find their way out when the time is right. Sleuth and Truth… what a nice way to while away the winter. 🙂

  2. wayaclan Post author

    Thanks, Frank and Evelyn.

    I’ve been on a sabbatical from most writing for the last few months. Every now and then, I get immersed in wonder, wondering, and withdrawal. These lapses happen partly because deep inner explorations can be so inexpressible and partly because I value silence so much.


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