Poetic Process (cont’d)

Pop That Hood … Again!

Open car hood


This is another way poems come… 

At a business meeting this week, a friend unwitting said something stunning and I made sure to remember her two key words. Later that day, I retrieved the memory, chose a rhyming word, and—in less than a minute—had this poem:

* * *

(for Theresa)

I won’t lie,
‘cuz that’d be perjury.
Let’s just say
it ain’t rocket surgery.

That one’s written in my “everyday poet” voice, the one that emphasizes how unsophisticated many of my poems or topics are. I call myself the “pote” of these kinds of “pomes.” Sometimes I adopt that voice as a way to cram a small poem into a certain rhythm.

That short poem and short description helped create a short blog post this morning. Yay!

I hope Theresa and I have added a smile to your day.~ ♥Jo

* * *

Photo Credit: Open Car Hood by Click at morguefile.com (cropped and modified) 

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