Pirate Skeleton

Talk Like a Pirate

I’m putting this on my blog just to preserve a record of it …

SPOOKY. I just learned that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I combined that piece of information with having just learned that Shakespeare’s English sounded like pirates talking. At that point, a poem idea came to me: “Talk like a pirate. Walk like an Egyptian.” As I turned around to share this with Ethan at his computer, what do you think he was watching on his screen? Steve Martin’s “Walk Like an Egyptian” skit. “Why?” I asked. “Don’t know,” he said, “it just came into my head.”

That’s my Facebook post from a few minutes ago (after correcting some typos). Regarding this example of synchronicity between Ethan and me, here are two related quotes:

“Great minds run in the same channel.” 
“Cabbage heads grow in a row.” 
~ Paired Sayings

One of my friends just noticed my post and sent a paste-up photo of “Spock like an Egyptian” (hee-hee!) … I have a feeling this day will get stranger yet.  ♥ ~Jo

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Photo Credit (modified details):
  –  Pirate Skeleton by Grafixar of morguefile.com

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