Test to Resize Photo

Poem 130623 Onboard Guidance

I think I’ve solved the size problem. But now the picture is fuzzy, whereas the original is not. Why isn’t this photo as clear as the image you get if you click on it and it opens in another window???

Still struggling. There is SO much to learn, in spite of WordPress and YouTube tutorials that claim setting up a website is easy. For example, the information on backing up data is prodigious.

One thought on “Test to Resize Photo

  1. wayaclan Post author

    This blog (this life) is an exercise in learning. A major surprise is the input I receive: the comments.

    I’m editing out numerous off-the-wall and off-the-point ones, especially ploys designed to get a business or project mentioned. (These commentators promote everything from athletic shoes to Viagra.)

    This latest comment about knitting and socks was spared from oblivion by being so whimsical:

    “For fiddly and fussy and picky and tiny please refer back to a previous blog entry of yours regarding the socks that had dangling maple leaves hanging from the tops and started with leaves at the toes. I broke out in hives just reading how much you absolutely loved ripping and re-ripping those toes out until they were just perfect. Shudder. I will give you that it’s unfortunate knitting can’t be put in a hoop, but chain stitch really can’t compare, can it?”

    Poetic, don’t you think?


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