Poems or About-Poems?

I used to have a separate blog (which I may revive) where I entered my daily poems. They are not works of high art, so I call them “pomes” and I call myself an everyday poet. To give you a flavor of the range, though, here are samples from yesterday and today:


As I write
these poems
each day,
I wish I knew
what I were
trying to say.

* * *


On this side darkly are we caught,
but for the winking coded messages
we emit.

Here, through flimsy body-masks
and near-unbearable yearning,
we incessantly scan for matched pulsations—
for the homing signals of our
love-mates, life-mates, playmates.

Flying or not,
we all have wings.

* * *

In this blog or journal, I will probably write more about the writing process than post the actual writing. I hope you are enjoying your own and making progress with it. Today I met a young man, Adam Bolander, who already has a half dozen books up on Amazon at the age of 21. Inspiring that he is so creative so young and so eager to share his work.

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