The Mechanics of Work

L-Lobo Designs

Yoicks! Who’ve thought? Ethan has been “swamping” at the mechanic’s these last few weeks and I’ve helped out, too, with graphics. My offer of a plan for storefront signage turned into a chance to do the signs. Then our joint involvement brought an opportunity to design t-shirts and other items for the gift shop … maybe maybe even to run the gift shop..

 L-Lobo Designs logo

So Ethan and I have been discussing the opportunities and risks. I’ve been researching the sorts of things that are sold in motorplex gift shops. And today I took time from some tax accounting to play around with a business name and logo.(It was quite a challenge to find a name that wasn’t taken.) Anyway …

Look what life lobbed to me: a LOBO LOGO project. What fun!  ♥ ~Jo

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